CAMS 1V-6P Automatic Rhinestone Machine 6 Color Setter

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Repos4resale has just received a CAMS 1V-6P Automatic Rhinestone Setting Machines. This does not have the onboard (embedded) air compressor which is a good thing because if you ever have to repair an embedded air compressor using a special CAMS technician is very expensive. Having a separate compressor allows you to fix it yourself or quickly replace it with a “backup” compressor so you can get back to making money. This is a 6 Color / Size Motif Setter with 6 blue size disks, stand. Sierra HotFix Era v20 latest software available at a reduced cost if needed. These 3  ( 2 sold 1 left ) machines have been under complete routine maintenance by a nationally known company and are in excellent operating condition. Each machine has its own short video showing it in full operation to prove its ready-to-go condition.  We also have a very very large grouping of ColDesi quality rhinestones. Ref 183A & GP. Yes, we buy used Rhinestone Settering machines > contact us anytime day or eve. Note, that photos are actual machine.  Ref# NP 2-20 NP or 7-11,6/29. Save huge money! If you have specific questions about this item please feel free to Contact Scott for details and shipping details : Phone: phone (make sure to look carefully at all pictures before contacting) anytime day or eve 7 days a week >>

$400 shipping is an estimate only, it could be less it could be more.

Shipping questions or detailed condition questions >>> look at each photo carefully. We require that you make contact with us before making any purchase. Thanks

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When to pull the trigger?

Sometimes it is as important when to make a decision as the decision itself. If you are thinking about adding to or changing your production capabilities, here is some information that may help answer that first question.

We are told that the new tax law offers some strong incentives to buy equipment now. We are told that the new laws allow you to write off 100% of used equipment under $100,000 in the first year.

For equipment over $100,000, you can write off 50% of the first year and the remaining 50% under standard depreciation guidelines. Please check with your CPA or Tax Lawyer for details.
Sales tax savings + tax write-off savings + repossessed and used equipment price savings = Good timing to make that purchase from Repos4resale.

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