Kip C7800 COLOR Black White Engineering Printer w Stacker

Repos4resale has just received a Kip C7800 Engineering Printer Copier System meter 178k. This large bank has more than one Kip C7800 and may throw in an additional Kip C7800 for $1000 more. Call for details. Save huge money!! Call before it’s too late! ref#228A PHONE for details by calling Scott on our 24 / 7 customer service phone number in Iowa Falls Iowa , […]

DEMO LOW meter ONLY 765 linear ft !! Kip 7170 Engineering Copier Printer

Repos4resale has just received Demo quality Kip 7170 Engineering Copier Printer Plotter with ONLY 765 linear ft ! Feature keys include: Copy, Scan Black/white & Color.  Photos shown are actual and 1 stock. This system normally retails for over $17,000.00 >>> HURRY >> price reduced to sell QUICKLY!  Ref# 149. Save huge money! If you have specific questions […]

Very Low Meter Kip 3100 Engineering Copier with COLOR SCAN Printer Scanner

Repos4resale has just received a very low metered Kip 3100 Engineering Copier with COLOR SCAN Printer Scanner and all other options. Everything tested and ready to go. Yes, we can make shipping arrangements to anywhere in US or Canada. Save Huge Cash!!  ref:NP12-30. See manufactures website for full features and specs. PHONE > If you […]

LOW 365k Meter OCE TDS600 Engineering Printer TDS 600 4 Paper Rolls Heavy Duty

      On this itemyou have to make personal phone contact with Scott at 641-648-6768 ext 1. Emailing will not be accepted as making this contact. All buyers that fail to phone before  will have the transaction canceled.   Repos4resale has just received a Oce TDS600 Engineering printer plotter with 4 paper rolls and a very LOW 365k meter. […]

LOW METER Kip 8000 Engineering Copier Printer Scanner Plotter

Kip 8000 Digital Engineering Plotter/Printer: Starprint 8000 Printer The KIP 8000 Series, part of the Starprint Family of Printers and Scan-to-File Systems is the world’s fastest wide format LED printer. It offers exceptional print quality with KIP High Definition Print Technology. The KIP 8000 operates at a constant speed of 22 ‘D’ size or 47’/min. True […]