Konic Minolta 65HC High Chroma Color Digital Copier Printer Press CREO Booklets

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Repos4resale has just received a the HIGH END Production quality Konica Minolta BizHub PRO 65HC High Chroma Color Copier Printer Digital Press. This system comes with the “double decker” PF602  Paper Module, SD506 Heavy Duty Booklet Maker Finisher, the 100 sheet FS521 Staple Finisher “printer friendly” External Creo controller. This copier goes far beyond the normal Konica high quality color copy output because its the High Chroma Digital Press. Low 761k meter! See manufacture for specs & details. Note, photo is stock. Ref#62.


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When to pull the trigger?

Sometime it is as important when to make a decision as the decision itself. If you are thinking about adding to or changing your production capabilities, here is some information that may help answer that first question.

We are told that the new tax law offers some strong incentives to
buy equipment now. We are told that the new laws allow you to
write off 100% of used equipment under $100,000 in the first year.

For equipment over $100,000 you can write off 50% the first year
and the remaining 50% under standard depreciation guidelines. Please check with your CPA or Tax Lawyer for details.

Sales tax savings + tax write off savings + repossessed and used equipment price savings = Good timing to make that purchase from Repos4resale.