LOW METER Kip 8000 Engineering Copier Printer Scanner Plotter

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KIP 8000Kip 8000 Digital Engineering Plotter/Printer: Starprint 8000 Printer

The KIP 8000 Series, part of the Starprint Family of Printers and Scan-to-File Systems is the world’s fastest wide format LED printer. It offers exceptional print quality with KIP High Definition Print Technology. The KIP 8000 operates at a constant speed of 22 ‘D’ size or 47’/min. True concurrent scanning and printing lets you scan and prepare jobs in advance while spooled jobs are processed and printed. Paper rolls and toner bottles may even be changed while the machine is still operating. By adding a KIP scanner, the 8000 series printer may be easily upgraded to a powerful digital copying, scan-to-file and network print management system. (model 8050 STF, 8080 STF, 8120 STF, 8160 STF, 8200 STF) Please refer to the KIP Scanning Systems section for scanner specifications.

 Print and scan-to-file simultaneously
 Multiple prints up to 999
 Automatic file detection
 Automatic roll selection/switching
 Ultra-fast file processing on the controller
 Pen management and dithering control
 Remote diagnostics

Technology LED printer with KIP HDP Plus Technology DPI 400 x 400
Dot Size .0025”
One Pixel Line .0025”
Speed 22 ‘D’ size per min, 9.4” / sec. 47’/min
Media 4 roll (500’) with automatic cut sheet feeder (50 sheets) and manual sheet
feed bypass
Media Tray See Options
Warm-up Instant from standby
6 minutes from cold startup
Output Minimum: 8.5” x 11”
Maximum: 36” x 75’
Media Types Bond 18-24 lb, Film 3 mil.,
Vellum 16-20 lb
Dimensions 53” (W) x 39” (D) x 34” (H)
Weight 881 lbs
Power Low Power (sleep mode) 100W
Consumption Standby 630 W
Printing 2.45kW
Electrical Requirements 220-240V, 16 Amps
Acoustic Noise Standby: 55dB, Printing: 70dB
Safety Approvals UL, UL-C, FCC Class A
Powerprint Embedded Controller
Platform KIP Powerprint software with Windows XP
Network TCP/IP, NetBEUI (smb), Novell
Protocols (IPX/SPX), LPR/LPD
File Formats HPGL 1/2, HP-RTL, Calcomp 906/907,
CALS Group 4, TIFF Group 4, PCX,
Intergraph CIT/TG4, Versatec Color
Graphics (VCGL), Uncompressed
Optional ATA Complaint CGM
File Formats Postscript level 3 for EPS, PS, and PDF

KIP 1000 Super Stacker
This heavy-duty print stacking system is capable of holding up to 1000 ‘E’ size prints. Complete with casters for mobile operations.
KIP 1200 Auto Stacker
This heavy-duty print stacking system is capable of holding up to 1000 ‘D’ size prints. Infrared communication with printer enables operations.
KIPFold 8000
The online/offline KIPFold 8000 folding and finishing system is configured to the specific print speed of the KIP printer. The system comes standard with 8.5” x 11” packet and book folding capabilities up to 8 ft. in length and fan folding up to 20 ft. in length. The folder offers an output tray that stacks up to 150+ folded documents for collated sets. The system also includes a print stacker for unfolded documents, fanfolds and overlengths.
All-in-One Control Center
The All-in-One Control Center gives users immediate access to the print queue and all printer functions, depending on their security level. This complete touch screen control center is a perfect solution for environments where the printer may not be near an external or STF PC, which is normally used to view the print queue or system status via the network. Regardless of where network PCs are located, the KIP All-in-One Control Center lets authorized users directly control the print queue, create print jobs and edit system settings right from the printer!

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